The Professional Footballers Association Canada (PFACan) advocates for players and the position of professional footballer within the Canadian football economy in order to make being an elite player a career of choice.

At present, PFACan is working with individual players, supporting them while addressing contractual issues with their clubs. Moreover, PFACan has undertaken the development of a tentative player-specific agenda for rights and protections that will be further shaped by players once PFACan has been certified as the players’ bargaining agent.

In its short life, PFACan has already forged strategic partnerships with leading football influencers and stakeholders throughout Canada and abroad.  In February 2020, FIFPro, the global players’ representative body, hosted PFACan legal counsel at its annual legal congress in Amsterdam. As a result of our participation, PFACan has taken its place within the professional athlete’s movement along with securing vital support that will allow us to unify players across Canada.


PFACan is creating player-centred policy to support the development of players and the game of football in Canada. Through consultation, research and presentation of its results, PFACan focuses on the issues that matter most to players. Moreover, PFACan works to promote the global game as a vibrant part of Canadian culture and ensure that the country’s soccer governors and administrators respect players’ need for an equitable and transparent professional football economy.