One of the aims of PFACan is to create conditions throughout professional football and national team service that enable the job of elite footballer to emerge as a bona fide career choice for top athletes in Canada. In order to elevate the status and conditions of paid and national team footballers in Canada, PFACan will help players understand the global, regional and national football industry and in turn, empower players to develop strategies that lead to collective action – that is, through certification as a union, and soon thereafter, collective bargaining and advocacy for its members.

Professional and national team footballers know what’s best for them. A collective agreement that sets out player minimum salaries and creates league-wide standards concerning match and training schedules, per diems for meals during training and match days – including travel days – along with appearance fees and player mobility, provisions protecting player image rights and commercial matters and access to a dispute resolution process including disciplinary hearings that ensures player representation should not be a surprise to anyone.


PFACan provides experienced, professional negotiators through its in-house legal team. Throughout the entire process, players will be represented by a bargaining committee elected by its own membership, with the support and resources of PFACan staff. Through its strategic partnership with FIFPro, PFACan negotiators will be armed with the latest information regarding recent developments in player compensation, club/league/national team revenues as a result of social media/television royalties, player data analytics and the like.