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A Message from PFACan

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There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of an extremely challenging and worrying time for Canada and the world as we confront our strongest opponent ever: COVID-19.

As our global health and political leaders work to counter the run of play enjoyed by our COVID-19 adversary, PFACan acknowledges the tremendous bravery shown by our essential service workers in healthcare – in direct care and in support services. We thank you for your service. We are also grateful for the thousands of Canadians who work throughout our critical supply chains delivering and processing our necessary daily supplies.

PFACan would also like to extend its best wishes to players, club and league executives, non-playing staff and to our supporters. In the time since COVID-19 began to impact our lives, we’ve heard from many of you. We too, share your worries about our collective and individual health and that of our future financial and professional prospects.

PFACan urges Canadians to continue following the directions of our public health authorities. That is how we will protect our communities and defeat this pandemic as quickly as possible. Together, we will get through this – and get back on the pitch!

                                                                                      * * *

For CPL players, PFACan knows there is uncertainty and concern about the lack of transparency with CPL club owners. The goal of PFACan – then, as it is today – is to position itself as a capable and willing partner to help grow a sustainable professional game in Canada. We want to be your voice with the league so players and clubs navigate this crisis together.

While we wait for the season to begin, once its safe to do so, players continue to work on their fitness and tactical acumen. PFACan player-leaders report their clubs have made every effort to coordinate activities and training through various platforms in order to foster team solidarity whilst respecting government directives to Canadians to maintain physical distance from one another outside of their households.

However, that hasn’t stopped CPL clubs and PFACan members from maintaining their all-important connection to fans. Players, through their clubs and on their own, have made excellent use of our stoppage in play by engaging supporters through telephone calls and social media.

As it remains unclear how long the ban on play and public gatherings will go on, there will likely be long term financial consequences. PFACan is prepared to amplify the voice of players with governments for supports that ensure the viability of their households and that of their clubs and the league as a whole. As Canada prepares to co-host the 2026 World Cup – the globe’s most important sporting event – it is vital that Canada put its best foot forward and to do so, we must protect our most important player development tool – the Canadian Premier League.

Canada and the world will overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Once we are able to come together upon pitches and gather in the stands of our local grounds, we can be sure that soccer will help us heal and unify people for it is the one sport that truly functions as an extension of our communities and national citizenship.

The Professional Footballers Association Canada stands ready to do its part for players, our clubs and the league.

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