The Professional Footballers Association Canada (PFACan) is Canada’s first union for both female and male elite players in the country.

Officially incorporated in 2020, PFACan was created by Canadian Premier League (CPL) players who came together after the 2019 season seeking ways to further professionalize themselves collectively and individually – and to elevate the status of players through programming that ensures that being a professional footballer in Canada is a viable and attractive career choice.

On February 27th, 2020, PFACan’s Board of Directors met for the first time to adopt PFACan’s founding bylaws and elect its first executive. At the same time, the Association appointed an Executive Director and General Legal Counsel to carry out the legal and administrative business of the association.

Since that time, PFACan has been engaged in an extensive player outreach campaign to inspire CPL players and other Canadian professionals in this shared vision of playing a leading role in growing the game and making Canada a true soccer footballing nation.

There is a strong desire among players for professional representation that elevates their voice within the Canadian soccer and footballing network.  In a sporting world where player associations are the norm and not the exception, CPL players and other elite female and male players in Canada are eager to take their place alongside their professional colleagues in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and elsewhere through affiliation with PFACan and FIFPro, the global players’ union.

Today, PFACan continues to connect with CPL and other elite players involved in Canadian football. Thanks to players’ support thus far, our mission is clear: as the Canadian soccer economy continues to grow in size and complexity, PFACan will ensure the voice of the player is heard at the club and national team levels and throughout the Canadian soccer system.