Developing strategic partnerships and strong relationships with soccer stakeholders, in Canada and beyond, is a PFACan priority.

As a newcomer to the professional athlete movement, PFACan has been warmly welcomed by FIFPro [], the global player’s representative body. FIFPro supports PFACan by lending expert advice, transferring knowledge, and providing opportunities for hands-on learning at FIFPro headquarters. Thanks to our strategic partnership with FIFPro, PFACan has received capacity-building guidance and support to help unify all professional players in Canada, as well as Canadians playing abroad who require support or simply wish to maintain their connection to Canadian football.

Here in North America, PFACan has begun to develop relationships with FIFPro affiliates, the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) and the Asociación Mexicana de Futbolistas (AMFPro). At the same time, PFACan has begun to engage the United Soccer League Players Association (USLPA) who were voluntarily recognized by the USL Championship and USL League One late last year – all with a view to creating and articulating a Canadian player agenda throughout North American football.

Equitable funding and support for the development and growth of the women’s game in Canada and throughout the world are PFACan objectives. PFACan has a mandate to promote the interests of elite female footballers inside and outside of Canada, and the Association will strive to connect with and support player associations that share a similar commitment to the women’s game.

While the landscape of professional football in Canada – and throughout a post-COVID-19 world – remains in a state of constant change, PFACan places a great deal of importance upon these relationships. In our view, it is important to remain united and committed to creating the best possible conditions for all – during and after our time on the pitch.

In preparation for life-after-football, the player-leaders of PFACan through its Business and Opportunities committee, have dedicated themselves to creating partnerships that will enable PFACan members to gain experience in career paths and workplaces outside of soccer. Preliminary discussions with business leaders and trade associations/unions have begun regarding paid internships and apprenticeships for current and future players wishing to begin planning for employment outside of football.