& Advice


All members can reach out to PFACan for advice, assistance and representation in connection with their legal rights under applicable agreements or contracts. For CPL players, PFACan has already assisted players involved in contractual disputes with their clubs. Once PFACan has been confirmed as the exclusive bargaining agent for CPL players, and a collective agreement has been negotiated and ratified by the PFACan membership,


PFACan expects to provide to its membership legal advice and assistance in the areas of:

  • enforcing the terms and conditions of the collective agreement;

  • advocacy and representation for players requiring dispute resolution, including disciplinary matters;

  • promotional appearances

  • player image rights and other commercial matters;

  • domestic and international player transfer rules.

PFACan’s commitment to excellence in player representation and resources are available to players competing outside of the CPL. Athletes who wish to learn more about the benefits of belonging to Canada’s union for elite soccer players are encouraged to contact us in confidence here.