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Member Benefits

Though PFACan has yet to negotiate a collective agreement on behalf of CPL players and other players in Canada, know that as PFACan continues to breathe life into the professional footballer movement throughout the country, PFACan has begun the process of determining ways in which it will attempt to offer player

-centred programming that focuses on the physical, psychological and future financial well-being of its members and their families.

At this time, however, PFACan does offer some peace of mind in the form of pro bono legal consultations for those players experiencing contractual issues that have arisen with clubs and/or the league or national teams. If you or another player requires legal advice and/or assistance, Please contact the PFACan office.

In the meantime, PFACan encourages players to embrace the immediate benefit of athlete solidarity – elite footballers across the country, connected not only to the communities they play in, but to the international professional footballer movement. As we build PFACan, we build our future and that of the game throughout the Canadian football pyramid.  

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