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IBIA and PFA Canada join forces to provide sports integrity education to the CPL (IBIA)

"CPL players first to benefit from CA$300,000 education fund commitment by regulated sports betting operators."

McCormack becomes first female CEO in the League of Ireland (The Guardian)

"Four years after coming forward about systemic abuse in Canadian soccer, PFACan Board Member Ciara McCormack was installed this month as co-owner and CEO of Treaty FC where she aims to create a blueprint for a player-centric organization"

Former Canadian international plans next step from aboard his floating home in Spain (Times Colonist)

"Newly retired as a player, former International Issey Nakajima-Farran is working on his future aboard a boat in Barcelona. Football has already taken the 39-year-old around the globe."

Reflections on the FIFPRO Women’s Football Summit (Ciara McCormack)

"I spent a few days at the FIFPRO Women’s Football Summit in Amsterdam. Being at the conference reminded me of all the things I love about football."

‘The reality behind the Olympic medals’: Ex-Whitecaps push for national inquiry (Global)

"Two former Vancouver Whitecaps players made an impassioned and gut-wrenching case for a national inquiry into toxic, and at times, abusive sports culture in Canada."

Elite athletes demand public inquiry into abuse in sports (CBC)

"Elite athletes appeared before a House of Commons committee to accuse the federal government of doing nothing in response to abuse in sports and to demand a national public inquiry.'

Canadian Premier League voluntarily recognizes new players' association (TSN)

"The CPL says it has voluntarily recognized that PFA Canada will represent professional soccer players under contract to CPL teams.”  

McCormack remains skeptical of Canada Soccer’s promises after review (TSN)

"McCormack sometimes feels like she’s living in a George Orwell novel, where regimes hold on to power for its own sake and for no higher purpose."

Recognizing the Need for a CPL Players Association (13th Man Sports)

"There there is one first the league is still waiting for: its first recognized Player’s Association”  

PFACan: “FIFPRO brought us true international solidarity among professional athletes” (FIFPRO)

"As next step in the professionalisation of that journey, it’s vital the voice of players is heard and done so through collective bargaining.”  

How Langford became the hub of a Canadian soccer player’s union movement (Capital Daily)

After nearly two years, the player-led movement is nearing official recognition from the league

PFACan on CPL players needing a union: 'There's a vulnerability there with the players' (TFC Republic)

In a 1-on-1 chat with TFC Republic, PFACan legal counsel discusses where things stand with CPL players forming a union, and the road ahead.

Our ultimate goal is to find safe sport for all athletes (TSN)

"I think that this is the most hopeful that I've been in terms of having somebody at the table advocating for us,”

Former players want investigation into Vancouver Whitecaps to include Canada Soccer (CBC)

"Players allege a 'pattern of negligent leadership at both Canada Soccer and the Whitecaps”

Union Alliance: PFA Canada Announces Partnership With CSPA (Northern Tribune)

"PFA Can has officially partnered with the Canadian Soccer Players Association, marking a significant milestone for both unions as they fight to improve the rights for those they represent.”

Atlético Ottawa goalkeeper Dylon Powley speaks out in favour of players' union

"A unionization drive among professional soccer players in Canada is gaining steam as the CPL second season during the COVID-19 pandemic continues.”

Canadian Premier League opens up about finances, saying it's time for transparency (CBC)

"The decision to share some of the financial figures comes at a time when CPL players are trying to form a union”

Chris Mannella supports Pride campaign: “The least I can do is stand with them” (FIFPRO)

"Everyone within the football industry has a part to play in creating a secure environment for the LGBTQ+ community, including the task of education and awareness.”

Ready to Board: Ciara McCormack, a Canadian trailblazer fighting abuse in football (FIFPRO)

FIFPRO’s ‘Ready to Board’ programme began this week to guide inspirational women towards leadership roles in the football industry.”

De Jong wins second term as head of Professional Footballers Association Canada (Toronto Star)

"Marcel de Jong has won a second term as president of PFA Can.  De Jong, who recently announced his retirement as a Pacific FC player, won by acclamation

Marcel de Jong leads fight to organize CPL players, pointing to uneven playing field (Toronto Star)

"As a veteran who played in the Netherlands, Germany and MLS, de Jong had more bargaining power than most when he came to the CPL.”

Levelling the playing field (Briar Patch Magazine)

"Beyond the glamour of the billboards and television broadcasts, CanPL’s players – the backbone of the whole league – have been struggling for respect and fair pay.”

Opinion: Pressure building on Canadian Premier League to recognize PFACan union (Total Soccer News)

"PFA Can announced it had been granted official candidate membership by FIFPRO. But the CPL is yet to recognize the Canadian soccer players’ union.”

Canadian union: “Our players are not golden spoon athletes" (FIFPRO)

"Over a year ago, de Jong asked Dan Kruk if he could help establish a player association in Canada. De Jong noticed in the newly established CPL that player rights were not as well protected as in the other countries he played”

Canadian Players Face Battle for Representation with CPL (US National Soccer Team Players) 

"A simmering issue threatens to sidetrack the progress of soccer in Canada: CPL players seek to unionize under the banner of the PFA Can”

Matheson, De Jong join Global Player Council (FIFPRO)

Diana Matheson and Marcel de Jong are the two newest members of the FIFPRO Global Player Council.

We have to fight the league (TVA Sports)

"Normally, such a gesture would be negotiated with the Players' Association. However, even if there is one, the league refuses to recognize it." 

Union, League, Club and Fans (613 Sports)

"We all realize there is a long road ahead for the union in its relationship with the CanPL." 

Players vote to ratify union after CPL wage cuts fast-track plans (The Province)

"The COVID-19 crisis might be a curse or a blessing for a CPL players' association trying to get off the ground." 

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